The David Perlov fund is the result of the wish to continue Perlov's legacy to Israeli
documentary filmmaking and enable cinema students to develop projects that share
their essence with the spirit of Perlov's work.

The fund was established together with Channel 2 -Keshet and the Jehoshua Rabinowitz
Tel Aviv foundation in the year 2004, and will award a yearly grant to a candidate
chosen by a jury. Its purpose is to encourage freedom search and innovation in
the development of documentary filmmaking.

In David Perlov's films, the Jehoshua Rabinowitz Tel Aviv foundation for the arts recognizes a unique combination of fine artistic creation and highly important documents in the fields of culture, society, history and philosophy.

Perlov was an "observer", diligent and headstrong, a lyrical poet and a widely educated man. The Rabinowitz Fund wishes to find this same extraordinary talent and ability in young filmmakers working today in the documentary field.

This is why the Rabinowitz Fund, together with Keshet broadcasting LTD, has initiated the Perlov annual creative grant. Furthermore, from a deep love of Perlov and a devotion to the spirit of his creative talent, the Rabinowitz Fund will continue to award this grant for many years to come.

Keshet, Israel's leading broadcaster, has had a long and fruitful relationship with the work of David Perlov. After Perlov was awarded the prestigious Israel Award, Keshet celebrated with him by airing a tribute (his Revised Diary), the first broadcast without commercial breaks.

Keshet was there with him in 2001, at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque, for the opening of one of his first important exhibitions of still photography.

After Perlov passed away it was only natural for Keshet to found, (together with the Rebinowitz Tel-Aviv Foundation), the "Perlov Fund" for young documentary filmmakers, a fund dedicated to preserving Perlov's cinematic legacy.

The fund aims at encouraging film students in Israel to experiment in documentary films, thus strengthening a very important genre for Israel, especially in light of our social, economic and political reality.

The Fund sponsors films from their initial stages and is not limited to a subject or a specific length of film.

Each year a pitching event takes place, where film students enjoy a chance of presenting their ideas and scripts to a panel of judges. The winner is given a grant and an opportunity to broadcast his film on television with Keshet.

The first pitching event was held in February 2004 at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque and the grant was awarded to Mr. Amram Jacoby, a film student from the "'Academic College of Sapir" in the south of Israel. Jacoby's script tells the story of his 92-year-old grandfather.

The life and work of David Perlov, winner of the Israel Prize, are predominant in the development of the Israeli culture. Perlov was one of the leading artists in Israel, and his productions demonstrate a great deal of thought and provide enthralling cinematic composition. This touching, intelligent and prolific creator, who was the leader of documentary film directors in Israel, also served as a teacher and guided generations of students who enjoyed, not only his films, but also his uniqueness as a mentor. TransTitles, as the leading company in television subtitling, is pleased and honored to contribute to the David Perlov Scholarship Fund, established in order to promote and support the young generation of Israeli film. This important endeavor combines the past and the future; the past being the perpetuation of one of our greatest artists who, during his lifetime, contributed a great deal to Israeli cinema as it is today, and the future - promoting excellence among young artists, taking their first steps and striving to reach the top.