Amram Jacoby
Born in the southern town of Arad, Israel, Amram is a cinema student at the Sapir Academic College of the Negev. He studied arts and geography in high school and completed his army service as a medic. Amram practices stills photography as well as film and one of his main works was the catalogue for Dorit Jacoby's exhibition "Gate of Tears, Rain of Roses", that was show in the Vatican in 2001. As well as having his photographs published in various travel and art magazines, he was awarded a prize in the Dead Sea photo contest in October 2002.

Amram Jacoby
The Jury's decision regarding Amram Jacoby's Grandfather
"The jury decided unanimously to give the 2004 David Perlov fund to Amram Jacoby for his film Grandfather. The jury was impressed that the spirit of Perlov and his creation will be expressed in a rich and complex way through this movie. This film embodies the connection between the personal and the historical depth in the Grandfather's character. Grandfather reflects the complex story of the Israeli reality."

Grandfather Synopsis:
Nobody sees and nobody is aware, a tremendous man is living in our midst.
"Remembering the past is also a dream" - Grandfather

"My grandfather Abraham, my mother's father, has been part of my life since infancy. I rediscovered my grandfather three years ago when making a film about my mother. He was 90. Since then I want to be close to him, part of him. I see my grandfather as a universal human character, "aged and old" to use his words, far removed from all definitions of time and place, while at the same time well grounded in the reality of present day life, living it and feeling its pain.

His face is like an engraved stone, with an eternal smile that never falters or is never eroded by the negativities of life in this world. My grandfather is big on blessings. He's always making some kind of blessing, even for those for whom he feels no love. Everyone is holy, even if we cannot see it, even if they themselves are unaware.

My grandfather is a man of words, and that's why he speaks very little. He knows and understands the value of words, be they written and signed or spoken, which may detract from their power. But when my grandfather says something, it really resonates. His words come from entirely different places, that are unknown, so content with themselves, precise and accurate, that it is hard to believe that human lips have uttered them.

For over three years now, I have been following my grandfather Abraham. I have been documenting my journey and our common journey out into the world in writing, photography, and most importantly, thirstily gulping it down into my soul.

The film is a journal in which I see my grandfather, my grandfather's journal, through which I let his voice be heard.

His voice has almost never been heard. His story has almost never been told.

My grandfather Abraham
My grandfather Abraham
My grandfather Abraham