The Pill (1967)

Length: 90 min., Format: 35 mm, b&w and color, fiction
Production: Tel-Noa Productions Ltd.
Cinematography: Adam Greenberg
Script: Nissim Aloni
Music: Yohanan Zarai
Actors: Yossi Banai. Avner Hizkiyahu, Germaine Unikovsky, Gideon Zinger, Zaharira Harifai, Edith Astruc

The first fiction feature film directed by Perlov.
A visually beautiful burlesque fantasy about a fountain-of-youth pill and its effects on Getz, a down-and-out Tel Aviv night-club singer. After taking this much sought after pill, Getz becomes the epitome of youthful energy, and therefore a teen idol, a symbol of beauty and youth, up to the cathartic ending of the movie.
The film brings together a cast of highly acclaimed Israeli theatre actors, with an original soundtrack and memorable musical moments written by the composer Yohanan Zarai.

"Shir Shel Neurim" ("Song for Youth") from The Pill. The song is courtesy of Nostalgia