Tel Katzir '93 (1993)

Length: 56 min., Format: Video, documentary
Production: The Israeli Television
Cinematography: Yoav Kosh

Everything has changed, and yet nothing has changed at all, in kibbutz Tel Katzir, 30 years after David Perlov returned to film it again. Without any note of nostalgia, full of humor and empathy, Perlov offers an earnest study of the life that keeps on going with its old fears and new challenges, disappointments and hopes.
Two new elements enrich and actualize the film: discussions among members, young and old, about a possible withdrawal from the Golan Heights, which tower over the Kibbutz; and a family of Russian immigrants who await a decision of the Kibbutz regarding their application to be accepted as members.
The final part of the film, like a musical work flowing from one climax to another, dies into stillness, full of sadness and tranquility that only true maturity can bring about.