Revised Diary (2001)

Length: 3 X 60 min., Format: Video, color, documentary
Production: David Perlov, Reuven Hecker, JCS Productions & Keshet Broadcasting Ltd.
Editor: Bat Sheva Yancu

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Part 1: A Sheltered Childhood
A cinematic poem bordering on home movie. David Perlov films his family, emphasizing the mutual gaze between his subjects and the camera, and hinting at the abysmal gap between his grandchildren's easy-going life and his own childhood in Brazil.

Part 2: Day-to-day and Rituals
In the second part of his Revised Diary Perlov's camera takes him from the private to the public territory. At the center of the film is the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin; but soon it becomes clear that the film transcends the objective recording of Israeli actuality, and rather interprets it, almost recreates it. The everyday and the ritual interweave and at moments become one.

Part 3: Back to Brazil
Like in Diary, Revised Diary ends in Brazil. Its climax is a hesitating, painful visit to Perlov's childhood home in the city of Belo Horizonte, towards which he is drawn as if against his will. At the heart of this chapter there is a long drive in the only remained streetcar in Rio de Janeiro: "a streetcar named cinema, a streetcar named reality, a streetcar named memory" (Uri Klein, Ha'aretz).