Memories of the Eichmann Trial (1979)

Length: 60 min., Format: 16 mm, b&w, documentary
Production: The Israeli Television
Cinematography: Danni Shneor

Layers and layers of memories build up in Perlov's revisiting the Eichmann trial. Perlov had already related to the trial in his film In Thy Blood Live (1962, honorary mention, Venice Film Festival), and now, almost 20 years later, he interviews some of the witnesses and also former high school pupils who speak about their impressions from then.
Among the witnesses, the most outstanding is Henri Roth, ordered by the Nazis to take identity photos of the deported Jews from Ghetto Lodz, but who, secretly, with the help of his wife, photographed also other scenes from that bleak reality. "The moment Roth shows Perlov the hasty movement of drawing out his camera from under his coat and hiding it again is one of the most memorable scenes in the history of the Israeli cinema" (Uri Klein, Haaretz). Perlov returned to this scene in his last film, My Stills, 1952-2002.