Meetings with Nathan Zach (1996)

Length: 60 min., Format: Video, color, documentary
Production: Telemedia Productions in association with David Perlov
Cinematography: Itzik Portal, Reuven Hecker
Editor: Bat Sheva Yancu

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"I first met Nathan Zach twice" - these words open David Perlov's film on the poet, to whom he was tied by a 40 year long friendship. Gradually, at a delicate pace, Perlov develops an intimate dialogue with Zach. The camera rarely leaves the poet's expressive face, while his heart slowly opens up. Zach recites his poems, tells of his poverty stricken childhood in Haifa and of the death of his mother, hints at his secrets and weaknesses, laughs, sings and remembers.
Perlov shows Zach frolicking with pet-animals - a parrot, two dogs, and even an eagle: "For me, the communication with them is much easier than with humans", he says. There is also a meeting with the friend and poet Daliah Rabikowitz. With simple, moving and emphatic means, Perlov creates a lucid portrait of one of Israel's greatest poets.

"Not the Victor's Honor" - a poem written by Nathan Zach, dedicated to David Perlov

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