In Thy Blood Live (1962)

Length: 17 min., Format: 35 mm., b&w, documentary
Production: The Israeli film Service
Cinematography: Adam Greenberg
Music: Oedoen Partos (original score)
Special award at the Venice Film Festival, 1962

Candles, tears of crying women, memories: that is how the film In Thy Blood
begins. David Perlov's camera travels over photographs, focuses on faces
that are no more, as in a gesture of parting. The history of the Holocaust
is revealed in this film in a condensed, intensive way: first the memorials
for the victims throughout Israel, and only then the beginning of it all - the
rise of the Nazi regime, the Ghetto with its hunger and death, but with its
music and theatre too, the uprising, the death camps; and it ends with the trial of Adolf Eichmann, one of the chief architects of the genocide.
The music of Oedoen Partos, blending Jewish, Israeli and European motives,
helps portray in sounds that lost world which now belongs to memory alone