In Search of Ladino (1981)

Length: 60 min., Format: 16 mm. Color, documentary
Production: The Israeli Film Service
Cinematography: Y. Wein, G. Danzig

Judeo-Espagnol, "Spagnolit", Jeudesmo - these are the other names for Ladino, the language developed by Jews who were expelled from Spain and found refuge in other European countries. Ladino, its stories and folklore, echo in a Jaffa club, at a Tel Aviv market, in the streets of Yehud and in Jerusalem. Jews from Saloniki, survivors of the death camps, Jews from Turkey and Bulgaria, old and young - and sometime even Ashkenazi and Yemen born, speak the language, and sing the beautiful Ladino Romansas, in a film full of love for human faces, for music, and for an ancient and rich Jewish culture.