In Jerusalem (1963)

Length: 33 min., Format: 35 mm., color, documentary
Production: The Israeli Film Service
Cinematography: Adam Greenberg
Narration: Yaacov Malkin
Music: Oedoen Partos, conducted by Gary Bertini (original score)

Venice Festival 1963, bronze medal
'Director of the Year', Van Leer Institute

Considered by many as one of the most poetic films ever produced in this country, and as a milestone in Israeli documentary cinema, In Jerusalem is composed of 10 engaged observations of the city, before it was united. Uri Klein (Haaretz) wrote: "When I first saw In Jerusalem, in 1963, I was not fully aware yet of the importance of the film itself or of its director, but I knew that I had never seen an Israeli film such as that. I felt that the Israeli cinema was being born right in front of my eyes"..

Excerpts of Uri Klein's interview with Perlov about In Jerusalem, Haaretz, Sep. 29 1993.