42:6 (1969)

Length: 90 min., Format: 35mm. color
Producer: Melville Mark
Cinematography: Adam Greenberg
Script: Eric Pace
Actors: Israel Gurion, Lior Yeini, Avraham Ronai, and David Ben-Gurion himself
Property of The Spielberg Jewish Film Archive

David Perlov's second feature film is a free biography of David Ben-Gurion. It spans from Ben-Gurion's childhood in his hometown Plonsk in Poland, where he witnessed the visit of Theodore Herzl treated like Messiah, goes through the 1948 War of Independence, and finally to Ben-Gurion's last years, in kibbutz Sdeh Boker, where he appears in person at the age of 84.
The film received scorching reviews at the time, because of its daring cinematic approach to a consecrated national figure. Perlov, for example, painted old black and white archive newsreels with glittering colors, and was rebuked for it. In a talk on the Army Radio Station, Perlov countered his critics - "Is a black and white Ben Gurion more natural than a red, or blue one? And what about the yellow Jesus of Gaugin, or the green rabbi of Chagall? Isn't the artificial an essential attribute of all art?"